Rain Water Harvest Tanks

Well Water rain harvesting systems are manufactured by Marsh Industries. The high standard quality units are a designed for environmental compliance for planning requirements. Well Water is a very competitively priced product for the growing rain harvesting sectors.

  • The Well Water ranges only use 3P Technik internal components
  • The Well Water MR1 range is for outside use only, utilising the rain for garden watering and car washing etc.
  • The MR1 range includes a GRP Tank from 1,700L to 12,000L capacities, an inline filter, floating Intake, stainless steel pump and calmed inlet.
  • The MR2 range is for the home, garden and commercial sectors utilising rainwater for the washing machines, toilet flushing and outside garden usage.
  • The MR2 range, includes a GRP Tank from 1,700L or 20,000L capacities. A 3P automatic top up controller, inline filter, floating intake, stainless steel pump. tundish and calmed inlet

rainwater tank2


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