JCB Hire

Our 8 tonne Tracked Excavator has excellent cycle times, brilliant reach and low ground impact and an array of attachments, makes this the perfect machine for any small to medium sized jobs! Please see below for the attachments we offer as well as all the standard buckets with this machine. 

jcb hire 

Land Rake

The Land Rake is perfect for sorting through vegetation, such as removing waste from soil, or preparing lawns!

jcb land rake

Tilt Bucket 

The Tilt Bucket is ideal for grading, forming gradients and general shaping up. Extremely versatile! 

jcb tilt bucket

Riddle Bucket 

The Riddle Bucket is the perfect tool if you have soil mixed up with stone or any waste for that matter. This allows you to separate the two, cutting down on waste to get rid of and sometimes the need to buy in more materials. 

jcb riddle bucket


The Forks offer an alternative to the extra hire of a fork lift in most cases. Attached to the machine, it offers a much cleaner way of lifting pallets etc around a site without the unwanted ‘ruts’ that a fork lift sometimes creates. Fully adjustable to any sized pallet, they really are a must on any site! 

jcb forks


Ideal for breaking up concrete and tarmac etc, making it a lot easier to cart away and handle!

jcb breaker

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